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inter-library loans

Inter-library Loan, or ILL, allows you to search for items in thousands of other libraries. Your request is processed and sent off to participating libraries.

PLEASE DO NOT REQUEST NEW RELEASES THROUGH INTER-LIBARY LOAN. If you wish us to obtain a newly-published [within the last 9-12 months] book for you, please submit a purchase suggestion.

Please keep the following parameters in mind when requesting items via Inter-library Loan.

Requests for Inter-library Loan items will be limited to 3 requests per patron at any one time.

The following items are not available through Inter-library Loan:

  1. Materials we already own.
  2. Materials published within the previous 9- to 12-month period (as verified on Amazon.com).
  3. Computer or video games in any format.
  4. Periodicals (entire issues) - Libraries will not lend an entire issue of a magazine, but may provide photocopies of individual articles instead.

If your request falls within one or more of the above categories, please make a purchase suggestion online or in person at the Library. If it is a book we already own, please reserve it through the library catalog.

If you need to keep your item beyond its return date, please contact the Inter-library Loan Librarian at least three days before the item is due. However, some libraries do not renew inter-library loans. Many libraries are instituting overdue fines for interlibrary loan items.

Please click on the following link for access: Orcas Island Library Inter-library Loan.