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Long-Range Strategic Directions

november, 2012

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Orcas Island Public Library

Phil Heikkinen, Library Director

The Library's mission, goals, objectives, and actions are guided by its CORE SERVICE VALUES, as approved and updated by the Library Board: affirming equitable access, intellectual freedom, and lifelong learning.

Library Mission Summary:

The Orcas Island Public Library supports all learners on the island by maintaining strong collections, online resources, and services; serves as a welcoming place for reflection, exploration, discussion, and community networking; and reaches out effectively to all groups and individuals who will benefit from receiving services away from the Library.

Library Goals and Objectives:

GOAL 1: All community members will be able to find and use the resources and services they need to achieve their learning goals.
OBJECTIVES: The Library will

  1. Identify and offer educational services to all pre-school and school-age children, whether affiliated with a school or learning independently.
  2. Enable adult learners to learn about and explore the classes and other training they need, whether in the Library, at other community providers, or online and through other means.
  3. Maintain robust collections of books, other materials, and online resources to support self-directed learning.

GOAL 2: Residents and visitors will find what they need in order to learn about and engage with our community.
OBJECTIVES: The Library will

  1. Offer inviting spaces and facilitation to connect people and ideas, both as individuals and in groups.
  2. Establish itself as the central source for information about community programs and services.
  3. Train staff members to be skilled and proactive in referring people to the resources they need.

GOAL 3: All community members will benefit from resources and services delivered outside of the Library building.
OBJECTIVES: The Library will

  1. Identify and develop relationships with residents and groups who may not be familiar or comfortable with the Library.
  2. Ensure that anyone unable to visit the Library building consistently will learn about and take advantage of alternate means of using the Library's resources.
  3. Offer resources and services throughout the island, and by a variety of means.

Approved by the Board of the Orcas Island Library District on November 12, 2012.
Trustees: Alan Lichter [President], Thomas Fiscus, Rachel Newcombe, Margaret Payne, and Donna Riordan.

Needs Assessment Committee 2012:
Amber Paulsen (who shared input via email), Erin O'Dell, Holly King, Ian Lister, Jill Sherman, Judy Turksel, Margie Harrison (Facilitator), Michael Armenia, Pete Moe, Philomena Robinson, Pierrette Guimond, Susanne Mietzner, and Tom Tillman.