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Please note: We will evaluate your request in accordance with our Library Collection Management Policy. We appreciate your suggestion and if it meets our collection criteria, we will try to purchase it in a timely manner.

If we do purchase the item, and you so choose, we will automatically put it on hold for you, so you will be notified when the item is available.

If you have an urgent need for the item, you may submit an Interlibrary Loan request.

If you would like to purchase the book yourself, then donate it to the library, please refer to our book donation procedures.

This service is for Orcas Island Public Library patrons only. If you are a vendor, publisher, author, etc., please facilitate your request through normal business channels.

When making a purchase suggestion, please give us as much information about the book as you can; especially title and author.

Plase contact the appropriate collection librarian below: